How to Select an Income Tax Return Preparer

First and foremost, DO NOT believe that a CPA knows taxes regardless of what ANY State or other governing agency tells you. On the contrary, a CPA is exactly that...a Certified Public Accountant, NOT a tax expert and NOT at all required (by the state or otherwise) to have ANY tax education, tax courses or experience in tax preparation at all. Although they you are lead to believe CPAs know taxes because they prepare tax returns, they actually provide this service ONLY to clients and then begin or continue to do so for  the general public as an additional revenue source.

Don't be fooled by regulatory agencies that state ONLY their registered members are legal or reputable.


Avtaxman & Associates is a full service accounting firm with ALL of our associates educated and experienced in taxation, tax preparation and accounting and have also been CPAs in the past but, do not practice or register in the State of California as they require additional fees. That said though, our associates are ALL registered with the Internal Revenue Service as tax preparers and have ID numbers as required by law and have graduate degrees in Taxation as the President of Avtaxman does. We also require ALL associates to fulfill more than 40 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CPE) per calendar year in the area of "taxation", not just accounting as a CPA is.

Again, CPAs are NOT required to have ANY education or experience or learn any extensive laws or rules in taxation to prepare tax returns.